Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Eleven hours on a train!

Sarah and I arrived at the train station to take the Northern Explorer to Auckland. It was a modern conveyance, behind a diesel-electric locomotive, with a baggage car, a cafe car, two coaches and an open observation car. Quite an entourage!The seats were comfortable, the food good, the staff great, and the earphone commentary on the history, geology, geography, candy points of interest was extraordinarily well done. Instead of lots of words, I will let the pictures speak.Awaiting departure:Scenes along the way:Now, we’re resting up in our Auckland hotel before picking up our camper van tomorrow for further adventures. There’s more to come, so keep following us.

One thought on “Happy Happy Joy Joy!

  1. Scott McDonald

    Looks great. Keep the bog going.

    I’m enjoying the last day or so of your cold😁😁 Everyone still talking about the concert and the music.
    Enjoy the North Island. It is wonderful.

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