The Tour Ends!

From Toodyay, we journeyed to Dalwallinu, our last scheduled stop. This town, into the wheat belt, holds lots of more familiar scenery; wide open spaces, fields of stubble stretching to the far tree lines, and isolated buildings. Unfortunately, the camera to iPad to blog connections are not working too well, so few pictures today!

We had a good feast in Dalwallinu’s modern town centre facility, both as a lunch before setting up and for supper. Our hosts joined us and we had lots of talk and laughter.

The Saturday night concert was well attended, and we enjoyed ourselves with these friendly people. Sunday saw us sharing in the World Day of Prayer service in the Anglican Church. After a light “tea,” it was time for the goodbyes, the obligatory group photo as we conclude out tour time together before heading off to Perth to catch planes to our various destinations.

It was sad to bring our time to an end, but the rest of our journey remains. Thanks to all who met us and hosted us and sang, laughed and played with us. This has been a marvelous tour, one never to be forgotten!

3 thoughts on “The Tour Ends!

  1. Doug and Carrie

    Hard to believe your Aussie odyssey is over and now the Kiwi one begins.

    We have seen weather reports of bad weather and flooding in Australia. Obviously your photos don’t show any rain. I think the flooding is in the eastern part of Australia.

    You are in our thoughts because tonight is operating night at the club. We will struggle along in your absence.

    Have a great remainder of your trip. Travel safe.


    1. Thanks, Doug. I will think of you “yesterday “ since it is Wednesday afternoon here. Today is first rain on trip, because Western Australia was quite dry. Have fun with ops. Home all too soon.

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