TRAVELING ON!—just us two!

Monday seems a blur—we flew overnight from Perth to Auckland and then on to Wellington. On paper it looks like a trip of twelve hours or so, but our thinking didn’t take into account the five hours of time zone skipping, which made the night shorter than we could imagine. Bu we survived!

And we arrived in the beautiful city of Wellington mid-morning. Checking our bags into storage at the hotel, we set out on foot to explore the downtown. Our hotel is situated in the heart of the city, within walking distance of most of the museums, shops, restaurants, and the cable car. So, we ate a breakfast, took the cable car, and enjoyed a sunny day. We got to view a portion of the botanical gardens, saw the dominion observatory, had a snack at the top of the terrace, and generally enjoyed ourselves. Supper that night was at the Jasmine Restaurant just around the corner from the hotel, then off to bed early!

The obligatory selfie at the end of the cable car climb!

By the way, they really grow LARGE mushrooms in that garden! There’s room for a family of fairies under that one!

It does seem strange to be without the rest of “the cup” and their partners…we had a difficult time making up our minds without all those other opinions. I hope all are resting from our labours like we are. Safe journeys, all!

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