“Rellies, rellies” everywhere!

We’ve arrived in Waipu, Northland, New Zealand!–as of yesterday! As we drove north from Auckland in our Toyota Camper van, we were amazed by the green-ness of this sub-tropical land. Rich stands of timber, verdant pastures, fat cattle and sheep–no wonder the ancestors didn’t want to ever leave this place.

We are on the journey to find my (Bob’s) relations from Nova Scotia and it seems like we have done so, in spades! Here’s a view of Bream Bay from the overlook as we careened down the road to Waipu.

We found the Museum in Waipu, a veritable treasure trove of information on theNova Scotia migration and the descendant of those hardy folks.

Our campground, in Waipu Cove, is very near the spot where young Alexander MacKay was “tossed” from the longboat in order to swim ashore and pull in the lead rope so they could enter this newfound land.

(Slightly overcast, is this picture:)

Tonight we have spent the day at the Presbyterian Church in the morning, and with several relations all afternoon–more from that later. We are back in campground, preparing to batten down the hatches for a windy, rainy night from a quickly moving cyclone. So, to save WiFi and get supper ready, I will post this missive and get back to more interesting things–supper, etc. Bye for now, and love to all of you!

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