After Sunday, a day of rest!…but first…

[Photos today taken by Barbara Liotscos because my camera and iPad aren’t talking to one another!]

Worship on Sunday at St. John’s, Albany was a new challenge for us…we had our instruments but no sound equipment…we had to do it “unplugged!” It’s odd how we get so reliant on technology to make us sound good; we forget that it used to be all unplugged!

After church, a quick load out and off towards Bunbury. During our travelling from Albany to Bunbury, Scott, our intrepid tour leader, led us first to Boston’s Brewery for lunch and then to a never-anticipated sky walking adventure among the Tingle Trees.

Here, led by fearless (or was that terrified beyond words) Sarah we began our walk among the trees, climbing this catwalk in the air some FORTY METERS (that’s about 130 feet) up into the trees, who still soared above us. The pictures can speak better than me about that day!

We spent the night Sunday and all day Monday in the Caravan Park in Bunbury, resting, doing laundry, and setting up equipment. Since this is Tuesday, we are prepared for our concert tonight — after a trip to the wildlife park this afternoon and a sound check.

So, the saga continues!

One thought on “After Sunday, a day of rest!…but first…

  1. Cathe

    What great photos! You all look like you are having so much fun. So proud of Mom for leading onto the high up walkway. Please keep the updates coming! Love, Cathe

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