MUSEUM DAY—off to Te Papa Tongarewa

The National Museum of New Zealand (Te Papa Tongarewa) is an amazing facility, almost overwhelming in its content and diversity. We chose to take a guided tour of the whole museum for our first hour, which brought us a general overview of the various exhibits. Then we were free to explore each as deeply as we wished. We did just that!

An example of the Maori traditional history and culture…this one tells the story of slowing down the sun soon tree would be more time for planting, growing, harvesting! The whole place is overwhelming, and could take days. And all the museums are FREE!

Lunch at the museum, more poking around, and then home for a bit at the hotel to get ready to meet newly-found relatives who had invited us to supper.

Margaret Robinson and her husband, Edward, were delightful hosts. Margaret is, I believe, a fourth cousin in the MacKay side of the family. Here’s how I think I have it figured out:

  1. My great-great grandmother was Margaret MacKay (married to Malcolm MacCharles). She stayed in Nova Scotia when the rest of her family emigrated to New Zealand.
  2. Margaret’s great-great grandfather was Duncan (Donnach Ban) MacKay (married to Mary MacRae). He emigrated to Waipu in New Zealand.
  3. My great-great grandmother was her great-great grandfather’s baby sister.
  4. We thus share the same 3rd great grandparents, Donald (Ian Rauld) MacKay and his wife, Christina MacKenzie MacKay.

Isn’t that complicated? Anyhow, here’s a picture of Sarah and me with Margaret. And a very public THANK YOU to Cousin Margaret and her husband Edward for serving us such a wonderful meal and treating us royally!

The Robinson’s cat, Tibby!

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