Water, sun and surf!

G’day from Sydney. Well, we are really here! Today we had a delightful cruise through much of the harbour here in Sydney. Our guide was insightful and we learned a lot about this amazing city’s history.

Then, after lunch with newly-met friends from the boat tour, (here from Edinburgh) we had a bus tour of the southern half of the landward side of the harbour, with another well-versed historian/guide/driver. We saw some amazing sights, and I even got “just a bit wet” at Bondi Beach…warm sands and splashing surf…with pictures on camera, not phone, so they’ll have to wait for you to see them.

Then topping off a full, fun day, supper tonight at Harpoon Harry’s, just across from our hotel.

Tomorrow we are on our own during the day, then meeting friends Darren and Brian for supper. And just last night I got a phone call from Scott, welcoming us to Australia. I guess it is all coming together.

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