Catching up with friends

Friday, in Sydney, we had time for ourselves–dealing with the essentials like grocery shopping, laundry, and the like. Partly that was to let Sarah’s knee heal a bit. You see, getting off the plane the other day she bent it wrong, and it has been wrapped and iced much of the rest of the time. So, we persevere and take care.

And that did not stop us from discovering lots of things to see and do, including meeting with Darren Liepold and Brian Nicholson, two ministry colleagues from Canada who are now living and working in we went out to eat, enjoyed great conversations and told extraordinary tales about our lives and work, who knew the church could be so similar in different countries and cultures?

So, to continue the tradition, here’s Friday’s picture of Brian, Darren, Sarah, and Bob feasting. Saturday we fly to Perth where the working part of this trip will begin.

Oh, and s it is Chinese New Year, here’s one of my favorite displays for the celebration. Look closely!!!

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