Where Does The Time Go?

Day 7 is beginning (it’s 6:40 am here),and I just realized we’ve been here a week. I’m sitting on the deck, coffee in hand, listening to the birds greet the rising sun. Common Cup has finished the first run through of all our tour songs, figured out rented equipment, and partied into our comfort zones. Now we’re ready for the serious work of concerts, touring, and sharing music.

Yesterday we took a short break and did lunch and a swim at Hillary’s Boat Harbour (google it!). It was a warm sunny day and some of us got wet in the Indian Ocean! No pictures of the wet ones are allowed!–but we did feast…again, ni pictures!

Today we will go to The Palisades, a featured geological area. Also, we hope to do some serious (for us) swimming. Hopefully we can share some pictures from today.

For those of you reading this while it’s still yesterday, the immediate future is still here! Thanks for reading…more later!

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