Amazing Sights Today

We went, as earlier said, to The Pinnacles, a formation of rocks emerging from the desert sands.

On the way north we caught this glimpse of the Indian Ocean.

It is really that blue!

Then, on to Nambung National Park, site of the Pinnacles! The sand is really that yellow!

Hot, but still energetic, Sarah and I, along with the rest of the Common Cup, headed back south.

(I know, not a very flattering shirt–too Form-fitting)!!

We stopped at Yanchep National Park on the way home, saw Koala bears hiding in the trees (my iPhone couldn’t capture them, but just wait!) And as we were leaving we met these sweet things.

Tomorrow begins the concert journey, we move to billets, and sing our hearts out! Blessings to all.

3 thoughts on “Amazing Sights Today

  1. Barb Phillips

    Great blog Bob. We will live vicariously through your adventures as our bucket list is extensive and we may not get down under.

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